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Last updated: May 22, 2015

Published: March 11, 2014

Freelancing & The Best Freelance Websites!

Get paid online by offering your services!

When someone or business needs something to be done and they lack the means to do it, the most reasonable option is to look for someone else to do it for a fee.

Freelancing is a term associated with individuals who are self-employed, without long-term employment commitment, usually being hired from different parties and work on project basis for a fee. These individuals normally have a skill or specialty or expert know-how and are called Freelancers or Independent Contractors.


Freelancing Pro’s

-Flexibility of setting personal work space, hours and schedule.

-Ability to pursue work associated with personal passions.

-Excellent way to generate extra income while keeping the full-time job.

 Freelancing Con’s

-Lack of job security and no employment benefits.

-In most cases Freelancers earn less than their employed counterparts.

Offering services online at various Freelance websites, can be as large or as small scale as the particular freelancer can manage. The thing is, to find the right platform for the particular freelancing service. When it comes to establishing the right freelancing service online, answers are needed for the following questions: What is the demand for the service and how many people can do it? How to improve online resume and how to get some quality references?

To summarize it all depends on the type of the service, the quality of the work, the competition and the freelancing platform. There are many good freelance websites where individuals can post services and get the interested parties pay for it. Below we manually selected the best and the most popular freelance sites.

Top Freelance Sites


One of the world's largest marketplace for services, starting at $5 per gig. Primarily used by freelancers who use it to offer a variety of different services, and by customers to buy those services. It effectively acts as micro task marketplace.


This is a platform to find freelance work of all types. You can find there wide array of technical, data entry, accounting, and other freelance and temp jobs. Input your skill and begin searching through their job database. To be phased to UPwork in coming years.


Formerly known as oDesk, very similar to Elance, and their biggest competitor in the past. Things have changed when Elance and oDesk merged in 2014 and created mega platform called Elance-oDesk now called UPwork.  The two operate separately.


Global outsourcing marketplace, a place where freelancers and employers can interact. The platform comes with a number of membership plans for the users ranging from free to premium.

Popular Freelance Websites


Founded in 2006, this Australian based platform operates multiple online marketplaces. They facilitate the exchange and sale of any digital content from thousands of independent sources.

People Per Hour

This UK based freelancing platform is a great place where freelancers can find projects and submit proposals. PPH is established and very active freelancing marketplace.


Online clearing house initially for high tech workers seeking short-term contracts. It allows companies to find freelance workers for commissioned work. It self advertises like managing an in-house project, without the overhead.


Founded back in 1999, proz.com is a social network and freelance marketplace specialized in translation. It’s a great place where anyone can hire freelance translators or translation companies.


Specialized in design, it’s a place where creative individuals can create portfolios and gain exposure. Freelancers can make connections with design-oriented companies and work on per project or full-employment basis.


Not a typical freelancing site, primary a staffing and human resources platform. They originated the concept of specialized temporary staffing for high-end creative individuals and web experts on freelance basis.

Get A Coder

As it’s name states, this freelance website was initially launched as a place where companies can hire computer coders. They later diversified and now they feature Freelance Programmers, Web Designers and Freelance Writers.


This freelancing platform showcases the skills of qualified freelancers (contractors) to companies in the areas of Information Technology, Marketing, Communication, Writing, Translation, Training and Consultancy.


If you are expert in some field and have passion for teaching you can tutor someone online or do webinars on a freelance basis. Tutor.com is online tutoring, homework help, career and education platform.

Freelance Writing Jobs

A freelance writing community featuring daily job leads, informative tips and articles and plenty of commiseration and camaraderie.

Other Freelance Websites


Unlike popular design contest sites, this platform is a breath of fresh air. Designers can browse through projects and choose the ones they like and negotiate directly with the client.


Social network for freelancers as they like to be called. Its a site where freelancers can find work, cooperate and discuss projects.  


Another freelancing platform where freelancers can advertise services directly to employers, or can search the project database and submit bids. The site is packed with features like online portfolio hosting, marketing and performance tools, etc…


This freelance website can be best described as mediocre. However their user interface is very good, and can become excellent if they put more effort into it.


Australian based freelance platform which can be described as something like a hybrid between Fiverr and Elance/oDesk. The the majority of listings are for smaller tasks as opposed to big project-based work.


UK based freelancing site that have been helping freelancers find work and clients since 1999.


Like its name indicates this a site where programmers, web developers, designers, entrepreneurs and writers can find each other, cooperate and create websites.


Canadian based platform where self-employed workers, freelancers, consultants, contract workers and small businesses are called SOLO-AGENTS and can find and work on different outsourcing projects.


Specialized mainly specialize in working with web based businesses. W4H is a freelancing and telecommuting platform where individuals can find online jobs or work on various web based projects.

Additional Resources

Design contest platforms are often categorized as a freelance websites too, check our list of the best Design Competition Websites.

Online writing platforms can be a great source of income for freelancers who have writing skills. Check our list of The Best Content Writing Services.

Table of Contents

-Top Freelance Sites

-Popular Freelance Sites

-Other Freelance Sites

-Additional Resources

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Table of Contents

-Top Freelance Sites

-Popular Freelance Sites

-Other Freelance Sites

-Additional Resources

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