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Last updated: February 11, 2015

Published: February 11, 2015

Make Money with your Smartphone!

List of platforms and apps to make money!

Smart phone devices are dominating our lives these days, we are so addicted that we use them for practically everything thank to the ocean of app's available. More than billion new smartphones are being sold annually. In 2014 only in Q3 alone there were more than 250 million devices sold running android , around 38 million running iOS, and 9 million running windows. So it is no wonder we have all kinds of app's popping up each day. Apps provide various services and most importantly give ability regular smart phone users to make money. As there are location defendant app's for making money, there many that are global. Which one is right for you depends on your area and preference.

What you need to know is that the app market is dominated by two main operating systems: Android and iOS, there are also devices and apps running on other OS’s like Windows, Fire OS, Blackberry, etc... But as the things stand at the moment they hold just a little percentage of the market share. Therefore if you want to make money with your smart phone device, make sure it runs Android or iOS.

We strongly advise to do a homework before running any app. See exactly what the app does and what is expected from you. Read the app reviews on Google Play and Apple App-Store. Once you find the app and method that is the most suitable for you, you are ready to make money with your smart phone device.

Rewards and Cashback Apps


With this app or free browser you can earn points when you shop, search, and share stuff online.

The points can be converted into cash, gift cards, airline miles, etc…


Cashback app that alows you to shop your favourite products at most of the popular stores. All you need to do is perform simple task, buy the product, submit the receipt to iBotta and get paid.

Checkout 51

Once a week (Thursday morning) Checkout 51 lists offers, users purchase the ones they like, submit the receipt via the app or website and and earn cash back (payment thershold is twenty bucks).


More than 6 million registred users use this interesting app. With ShopKick you can earn rewards by just “walk-in” into the selected stores. Start the app before entering the store, your device will hear the signal near the entryway and earn you “kicks”.


Earn Viggle Points by watching TV or videos, matching music, buying songs, earning bonuses, etc..

Once you accumulate enough points you can redeem for digital rewards or giftcards.



This unique app shifts your weight-loss resolution to a new level. It works by setting a workout wager, and you will earn money each time you go to a gym or eat fruits and veggies. If you don’t comply with your pact, you loose your wager. Simple but effective.



Be a part of consumer research panel that offers brands and retailers an insight into your shopping habits. With this app you can earn by simply submitting your receipts and redeem for PayPal cash-out or gift cards.


Another rewards app where users can earn rewards and gift cards for watching videos, taking quizzes, shopping, completing offers, searching, etc...


Android app that alows you to earn points by showing you ads on your lock screen. Each time you swipe to unlock your phone your get points which can be redeemed for gift cards and coupons, even PayPal cash-out.


With this app you can watch app trailers for points. Once users have accumulated enough they can redeem the points with iTunes, Amazon gift cards, PayPal, etc…


They pronounce themselves as a No1 Social Marketing Rewards App that allows to earn Credits that can be redeemed for gift cards of your choice instantly and use them from smartphone. In reality not so true, but worth checking out.

If you are further interested in Rewards and Cashbacks make sure you check out our article about Online Rewards and The Best Rewards Websites!

Selling Stuff with Apps


Selling clothes with poshmark is quite easy. With this iPhone/Android app users can take a photo of whatever they want to sell, filter it with some of their (instagramlike) filter and that's it. The item is ready for sale.


With this app you can sell your smartphone photos. All you have to do is to take the photo and list it on foap. If someone like your photo get the license to use it, however the photo remains yours and you can sell it indefinitely.

If interested in selling stuff check out our article about Selling Online.  If interested in selling photos check our list about Selling Stockphotos, Clipart & Footage!

Opinion, Survey and Poll Apps


Getting paid for your opinions is always sweet. With iPoll app you can answer question about different products, services and experiences.


Taking surveys while you have some time to kill and earn some pocket change cash in the process can be sweet. Survey on the go app provides exactly tahat


Another easy app to make money. Once accepted you will be given simple assignments (like take a snapshot of your shoes) in exchange for credits. Once you accumulate 200 credits you can request cash-out or rewards.


This app collects insights about global mobile (smartphone) users. After you join, you earn redeemable “Meter Points” every day just for using your phone normally.

We are working on article dedicated solely to paid survey sites. Meanwhile check out our forums and list with Paid Survey Sites!

Field Work and Mystery Shopping Apps


Big brands use services like gigwalk and its independent contractors (gigwalkers) to find and fix gaps in retail execution. In exchange the gigwalkers  are paid for each completed task through the app.


Similar to Gigwalk, FieldAgent pays its users to complete various small market research tasks with special iphone app. Tasks vary, you may need to: check prices in stores, take photos of products and pen reviews, or complete surveys.


Mystery shopping has been around for decades. iSecretShop app makes the whole experience mobile. No more paper, everything can be done on your smartphone in realtime.


Depending on location you can get paid to shop, eat, and explore with this app. You can Find quick jobs at local stores and shops and perform simple tasks like take photos of products, check prices, and review promotions.


Another Mystery Shopping App that assigns various missions to its users. It is very location dependant, while in some areas users can earn decent amounts, in other areas there are rarely missions available.

Additional Resources

There are definitely more good apps to make money. Many online money making platforms are adding mobile interface each day, so check them out.

Table of Contents

-Rewards & Cashback Apps

-Apps for Selling Stuff

-Opinion, Survey & Poll Apps

-Mystery Shopping Apps

-Additional Resources

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Table of Contents

-Rewards & Cashback Apps

-Apps for Selling Stuff

-Opinion, Survey & Poll Apps

-Mystery Shopping Apps

-Additional Resources

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