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Last updated: February 18, 2015

Published: February 18, 2015

Micro Jobs & The Best Sites for Microworkers!

Get paid completing micro job tasks as a microworker!

Micro Jobs platform or website is a crowdsourcing online marketplace acting as a middle men between employers and (micro)workers. Where simple or complex tasks that require human intelligence are coordinated.

In most cases the tasks are simple and require very little time to be completed. Examples of micro work tasks include: Processing photos or videos, Data processing, Content clearing and verification, Information collection, Surfing the web, Data entry, etc...

Each time the microworker completes task earns money, usually a very small amount but it adds over time. All of these platforms have internal infrastructure, qualification and grading systems. Microworkers with a good history of completing tasks usually advance to higher levels, where they can perform better paying tasks.

The PRO’s of micro jobs are:

Free to signup, you can work from home, pick tasks per your preference and can have flexible work schedule.

The CON’s of micro jobs are:

Tasks are very underpaid, little or no regulation at all, no health benefits, It's not easy to advance to higher levels, no job security at all.

Table of Contents

-Top Micro jobs Sites

-Popular Micro jobs Sites

-Other Micro jobs Sites

-Additional Resources

Top Micro Jobs’ Sites


Probably the most popular crowdsourcing micro jobs platform, where micro workers (turks) can select from thousands of tasks to complete whenever they find it convenient .


Top micro-tasks website and leading crowdsourcing service. More than 5 million contributors from around the globe have completed more than billion tasks till date.


International platform where micro-workers can get paid for various micro-tasks. The tasks include Sign ups, social bookmarking, forum participation, adding comments, website visits, downloading applications, suggesting leads, rating content,  etc…

Popular Micro Jobs’ Sites


Not a traditional crowdsourcing platform like the top three above. Crowdtap is more like a social media marketing platform, where tasks are to test actual products or services. Users get free products, use them, test and share their opinions.


Crowdsourcing and freelancing platform, where workers can get paid performing various tasks. Upon registration workers are first tested and evaluated. Based on the results they receive appropriate task to complete.


Another popular micro-job crowdsourcing platform where workers from more than 130 countries are getting paid for performing various tasks. Tasks include text creation, editing, web research, data tagging, data categorization, etc…


This website specializes in individual tasks and provides  businesses with skilled virtual workforce.

Micro-workers select tasks they find convenient, and get paid once they complete it and receive OK from the task seeker.


Helps individuals, small businesses and professionals to create low cost publicity and marketing campaigns to increase sales, better ranking, etc… Users browse for micro jobs and get paid once they finish tasks and submit proof of completion.

Other Micro Jobs’ Sites


Their Microwork model distinguishes smaller tasks from large data projects. Tasks are simplified and distributed to workers through the SamaHUB.


This platform mixed workflow combines technology and micro workers to digitize, extract and capture data from  content (audio, video, photos, images, text and documents).


Not a traditional crowdsourcing platform, but interesting enough. Employers post a task on Do My Stuff, workers browse the tasks and bid on tasks they want to complete. Once the employer accepts the bid, worker completes it and gets paid.


This platform is not popular as the others, but we decided to feature it for diversity. It uses the standard task model, but unlike mturk or clickworker the users cannot choose which or what tasks to complete.

Additional Resources

Fiverr is can be also categorized as a micro job crowdouscing  platforms but we featured it in our article about Best Freelance Websites.

Check out the Wikipedia pages about Crowdsourcing and Micro Work, as it will give you additional insight into the Micro Jobs field.

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Table of Contents

-Top Micro jobs Sites

-Popular Micro jobs Sites

-Other Micro jobs Sites

-Additional Resources

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