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Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a search engine's results (SER). As a contract SER agent, you can make money assessing web pages.

Last updated: October 24, 2014

Although computers and search engine algorithms evolved and are getting more sophisticated each day, a good old human assessment is still irreplaceable. This is where platforms like “Leapforce At Home” come into play.

Founded in 2008 Leapforce is a US based company specialized in “Managed Information Evaluation Services”, or in simple words search engine results evaluation.

Big Internet companies like Google and Yahoo use the services of Leapforce to refine and improve their search results. The platform hires contractors (independent agents) who manually asses and sort search engine results with objective to provide the best user experience.

As an introduction to this field we recommend watching video about How Google makes improvements to its search algorithm!

Leapforce At Home offers several types of assignments:

-Evaluators: Who assess the relevancy and usability of web pages compared to predefined search queries.

-Judges: Who review the assessed search results and evaluate results with predefined tasks.

-Analysts: Who analyze and suggest improvements for routing data

Depending on the position and location Leapforce pays from $8.00 to $20.00 per hour, without benefits, once a month. As all agents are independent contractors responsibility for taxes and health insurance is their own.

Leapforce can be great platform to work from home, especially for educated, Internet savvy individuals with excellent analytical skills. However getting hired by Leapforce is not that simple, beside being eligible, candidates must pass exams and go through lengthy unpaid training courses.

Accepted candidates become agents and get revolving six month contract, that  will last as long as the both parties are satisfied.

Beside English there are openings for individuals who are fluent in other popular languages like: Chinese, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, German, French, Italian, etc…

In these cases candidates must also pass the specific language assessment exam.

What are the requirements to work for Leapforce?

-Be at least 18 years old and reside in a country where position is opened.

-High speed Internet connection

-Decent CPU with anti-virus software that can run Google chrome 31 or higher

-Excellent analytical, web research and communication skills

-Fluency in language other than English that is required by the position

-University degree or equivalent is a plus

-Ability to work independently with minimal supervision

How to apply to work for Leapforce?

-Check the Current Leapforce job openings  

-Fill the Leapforce application and submit resume

-Pass the qualification exam

Before taking the exam eligible candidates are given some time to study from a 120 page instruction manual. All candidates who fail the test, are eligible for one-time retake.

Once accepted, the agents sign a contract and non-disclosure agreements. New agents automatically have sandbox period to get the hang of the platform and its interface.

Agents also must go through unpaid training process to develop their Internet evaluation skills.

When the accommodation period is over, the agents must satisfy strict work standards and complete monthly quotas (usually 200 tasks in 30 days) with little or no errors. Agents are under constant pressure to deliver, due to continuous feedback on their performance from the platform.

Although Leapforce pays per hour, agents are given certain amount of tasks that need to be completed for certain number of minutes. The main problem here is that, if an agent completes the task faster than the allocated minutes, must sit and wait for the next task, as the minutes are per task only and cannot be transferred to other tasks. On the other hand, if the agent takes more time to complete the task, he can bill only the allocated minutes per task.

Due to privacy and sensitivity of the data that agents are given access, it is prohibited to work in public space. However working privately from home with just a PJ’s on is not prohibited.

Great addition to the User Interface is the Employee Chat module that positively adds to the community feel of the platform, as almost all contractors are extremely helpful.

Leapforce At Home Pros:

-Flexible work hours

-Work from home with pajamas

-Easy to meet quotas

-Work indirectly for Google

-Decent pay compared to similar platforms

-Free to join

-Learn new stuff

-No commuting

-No supervision

Leapforce at Home Cons:

-No benefits

-Manual tracking and time-stamp of working time

-Agents can be terminated for any reason at any time

-Unpaid lengthy training courses

-No long term security

-Capped hourly rate

-Little or No career advancement system

-Support exercises poor communication sometimes

-Repetitive and timed work

Alternatives to “Leapforce At Home” are:

-Appen Butler Hill



-Google Workforce Logic (assessing ads)


Popularity: 4/5

Reliability: 4/5

Security: 4/5

User Interface: 4/5

Support: 4/5

Our rating for this platform! Users rating for this platform!
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