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Test Websites and provide Feedback! Some web managers are willing to pay for honest website usability testing reviews, this is where platforms like UserTesting.com come into play.

Last updated: August 22, 2014

Serious webmasters always want to enhance and improve the usability of their websites. The best way to do that is to get feedback from the actual internet users. Some web managers are even willing to pay for honest website usability testing reviews, this is where platforms like UserTesting.com (UT) come into play.

UT acts as an intermediary between website owners and internet users. Webmasters pay UT to provide feedback from real users with demographic profile that matches their target audience. UserTesting.com gives the testing job to users that match the clients criteria and pays them for their feedback.

UT also provides feedback for mobile devices, and not just for testing the mobile websites, they support Apps both on iOS and Android.

Testing websites can be great and fun way to make money from home, however in order to be accepted as a tester there are some requirements:

-Be at least 18 years old;

-Own a decent Windows PC or MAC, good Microphone and Broadband Internet connection;

-Be able to use UT screen recorder, express and record your verbal comments in order to provide feedback;

-Fill and submit your demographic information;

-Have a PayPal Account;

If you meet the criteria above, registering as a tester is a four steps process:

-Submit your e-mail here

-Confirm your email, download and install the UserTesting plugin

-Record submit and sample video

-Wait up to a week to hear from UserTesting.com regarding the status of your application.

Note: To be accepted as a mobile tester, you have to take and complete a sample test on your iOS or Android mobile device;

Once your application is approved, you can start earning money testing websites right after you finalize your registration.

Depending on your demographics you will be able to do various website tests, the jobs are being updated constantly and are distributed on the first come first served basis.

Usually tests last 15-20 minutes, and on average you can earn approximately $10 per job. Each completed job you submit is reviewed and rated by the client, they utilize a 5 stars rating system. The higher your reputation is, the more jobs you will be able to take. On rear occasions if you have good reputation you can get special invites for testing jobs that pay much more.

User interface of the testing software plugin is very good, we quickly installed and used the software without any issues on a 3 year old PC with Windows 7.

The only remark we have is, the instructions in the top right corner while performing live tests can be a little larger.

Based on numerous online testimonials we concluded that UserTesting.com provides excellent customer support, and they practice very friendly and positive way of doing business. Which is rarity these days.

Tips for UT website testing:

-Read the test scenario and try to mentally relate to it

-Think out loud and keep talking

-Follow instructions and complete each task.

-Stay logged in to the website and take tests immediately upon notification.

-Contact customer support if you are experimenting problems while testing.

-Take only tests you are sure will able to do your best job.

To finalize this review, UserTesting.com is a great way to make extra money, you can earn few hundred bucks each month with ease. It is a definitely a platform to try, especially if you can think out loud and be able to express your opinions descriptively.

Alternative websites to UserTesting.com are: UserLitics.com, UserFeel.com, TryMyUI.com, WhatUsersDo.com, YouEye.com, etc...


Popularity: 5/5

Reliability: 4/5

Security: 5/5

User Interface:4/5

Support: 5/5

Our rating for this platform! Users rating for this platform!
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