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Last updated: August 18, 2015

Published: August 18, 2015


More people are trying to make money working from home.

There are some mistakes that every person should avoid if he/she chooses to make money online, here we are presenting you the main ones.

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Do you think if your work schedule is 24/7 you can make more money online?

Well, you're wrong.

Working 24/7our mind can't stay focused on the task and can't be productive. So you need to make breaks. Also you won't have time for your family and friends whether you're in a relationship or not and it's bad for your health.

Working 24/7

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You should know that if you let others to interrupt you, than you'll need at least 30 minutes to get back to the task.

Chances to be interrupted while working at home are big (for example: by family members, babysitters, housework, taking phone calls etc.).

To avoid all these make a work schedule and work space. Also you can tell everyone of your work hours and that you are available only if it's something urgent.

Too much interruptions

If you start your day without a schedule, you'll waste a lot of time on something unimportant. You'll fail to realize your tasks and meet the deadlines and also people can start losing their respect for you.

You have to learn to organize your day. First, you have to be clear about your goals for the day, then make a schedule (it is recommended to put first the most important or difficult tasks), and finally make a daily to-do list which is achievable.

There is nothing like "I don't have time!". We make the time. So if you organize your day, you'll have the time. And we all know that time is money.

Failing to organize your day

Working from home in your bed, living room or in front of the TV isn't professional and most of it isn't productive.

So it doesn't matter whether you live alone or family, if you work from home you have to make a separate work area. It can be a separate room, space in your bigger room or even a corner in your room. You should keep that area only for your work. Keep your computer, lap top, papers and everything for your work in this area.

When your work hour begins it's like you're entering in your office, and your family and friends will know that you are at work and they won't interrupt you.

Remember: Use your work area only for work and the rest of the living area is for your personal life.

No working area

The most important in a business is meeting the deadlines. And the biggest reason for failing to meet deadline is because you're not organized.

When you accept a project you have to make a plan and put a final date. If the project is too big then you can divide it, and make mini deadlines. So, when you fail to meet some of your mini deadlines then be sure that you will miss the final deadline too and you'll know that you have to work harder.

Meeting the deadline is very important for your reputation and keeping your clients.

Failing to meet deadlines

Putting a price for your work is always a difficult task. The customer will always think that it's too much and you'll think that you charge too little.

So, how to put a price that each party can be satisfied?

First, make a research on how much your work is worth and figure out how much you should charge.

Then, take into account your experience. If you're experienced then you'll know how much does your work worth. But if you're new, calculate your rate based on your expenses and make a research to see if the rate should go up or down.

And finally, decide are you going to charge for the entire project or you'll make an hourly fee.  

Remember, you're never going to please everyone with your rate, but as long as you have customers it's OK.

You should stick to your price that you think it's appropriate and never say "sorry" when you're telling the price.

Charging more or less

When you decide to work from home, you think that it's great because you can be at home all day and do whatever and whenever you want. But that's not true. As we mentioned above you have to make a schedule for your work, so you can be productive and successful.

When you're making the schedule, remember to leave some time for yourself and your closest ones.

When you work from home and you live alone, sometimes you can feel lonely and isolated from the real world. So, leave some time to go to the coffee shop, gym or whatever interests you, just to socialize.

Also, if you live with your family and you have children, always have time in your schedule to spend some time with them. You can also leave one day off from work in a week.

When you make breaks from work and spend time with something or someone  you enjoy, later you can be more productive in your work.  

Last but not least, don't lose yourself