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Last updated: January 12, 2015

Published: January 12, 2015

Online Rewards & The Best Rewards Websites!

Online rewards programs, earn points for rewards, cashbacks and sweepstakes.

Nowadays businesses are doing practically everything in order to attract more customers, increase sales, get valuable market research data, etc...

This is where rewards platforms come into play. Usually these are websites or apps that offer rewards for performing various tasks or offer customer loyalty programs.They either act as a middle man sharing revenue accumulated from affiliate marketing, or are closely associated with selected retailers and organizations. Its a Win-Win formula as consumers get something back and retailers and organizations ultimately increase their revenues.

The tasks can be simple, diverse and sophisticated and may include, buying products or services through referral links, completing surveys and offers, referring other consumers to join the programs, even doing fun stuff like playing games and watching videos.

In general reward programs can be categorized into three main categories:

-Points Rewards

-Cashback Rewards

-Online Sweepstakes

Important Note: If you are planing to earn decent amount with rewards websites, you will be disappointed. Use  these only for the things you are already doing or to kill time having fun.

Table of Contents

-Points Rewards

-Cashback Rewards

-Online Sweepstakes

-Additional Resources

Points Rewards


Probably the most popular rewards program website. Users can earn Swagbucks for performing various online activities, like completing polls,  searching via it’s search engine, watching videos, and even playing free online games.


Another popular rewards site. Users earn points by completing survery, printing coupons, searching, referring friends, etc.. The points can be later redeemed for gift cards, cash or travel.

Shop Your Way

Closely associated with Sears this reward website and mobile phone app allows its users to earn points, access exclusive deals and coupons, and participate into many sweepstakes.


The site rewards its members in the U.S. and U.K. for various online activities, such as reading emails, taking surveys, playing games and signing up for offers.


Site where users can earn instant gift cards, for shopping online, searching the web, watching videos, etc… The gift card code is instantly displayed on screen and can used online or printed to use in store.


Companies are paying big bucks to have users try their products and services. CashCrate, passes a piece of the action to users for completing free offers, surveys, etc…


One of the largest free online rewards programs. Users can earn virtual points or cash via various online activities such as completing surveys, offers, watching videos, playing games, shopping online…


They like to be called community of enthusiastic influencers who earn points that can be redeemed for prizes when they search, shop, share, comment, advocate and inform using the forums.


Members can earn points for online shopping, taking surveys, playing trivia, reading emails, playing games, visiting Facebook, trying out new offers, participating in contests or sweepstakes…


Members can earn points using belly card or belly app, performing various activities at partner businesses. Or in simple words sophisticated loyalty program.


Another free membership rewards site. Users give their opinion on new products and services in return for their time they receive points, which can be redeemed for gift cards, online game codes, Amazon.com items and PayPal cash!

Cashback Rewards


Founded in 1998, Ebates is one of the pioneers of cash back shopping. They have large referral accounts with almost every major shopping platform, who also pay them extra to get new shoppers. And they share their commission with their members.


A comparison shopping platform, featuring forums that allows its members to publish deals on products and services. Members can get coupons and cash back. It was bought in 2011 by Ebates, but still operates as a separate platform.

Shop At Home

One of the largest online cashback shopping platforms. They have interesting user interface, where everything is neatly organized. They also boldly advertise 110% Cash Back Guarantee. However nothing is perfect and always read the small print.


This platform alows its members to quailfy for cash back of up to %30 at over 2000 cash back stores. Users can browse through quite colorful user interface and look for deals.


Very similar to Mr. Rebates, just with more stores and some really negative buzz in the past. However all this changed when the platform was acquired by Ebates in 2014. Nevertheless the site still operates as a separate platform.


One of the kind cash back loyalty program where members earn credits from eligible purchases that are directed to a college savings plans or to pay down student loans.


Another interesting free online coupon and cash back website. The platform features online coupons and promotion codes for thousands of stores. There are also printable coupons for restaurants and grocery stores on the site.


This platform offers a free online loyalty program that pays cash back to its members via PayPal. They allow shopping at major online retailers excluding amazon.

Online Sweepstakes

Nielsen Digital Voice

This service from Nielsen is focused on researching online activities of its users. Once the members install their Digital Voice App, become eligible to participate in $10.000 monthly sweepstakes.


Platform that is specialized for all kind of rewards for ladies. Beside sweepstakes the site also features numerous deals, coupons, free gifts, etc…


Established in 1997, this is the oldest and largest directory of online sweepstakes and contests on the Internet. However, exercising caution is imperative as almost everyone can post sweeps on the site.

Additional Resources

Paid surveys websites also come into rewards category, we are working on article dedicated to paid survey sites. Meanwhile check this list with Paid Survey Sites!

Established brands are offering awards and sweepstakes periodically. The best way to find these is to use Google, filtering freshest results using search tools.

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Table of Contents

-Back to Top

-Points Rewards

-Cashback Rewards

-Online Sweepstakes

-Additional Resources

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