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Shutterstock Tutorial!

Last updated: August 25, 2014

Published: March 11, 2014

So you have read our review. You are interested in stock photography and want to make money from home with shutterstock and sell photos online?

Just carefully study this tutorial, we will guide you through Shutterstock and you should be making money and selling photos online in no time.


All stock must be professionally prepared in order to be able to compete on shutterstock and keep in mind following:

-Make sure your stock has a potential commercial value and has both conceptual and interpretive meaning.

-Follow the trends! Very useful tool for this is Google trends.

-Prepare for holidays and seasons at least month in advance. For example fireworks and patriotic motives can be in demand for 4th of July, snowy and icy motives will be on demand during winter, etc...

-Leave space for text! If you want news outlets or advertisers to purchase your stock it is good to leave some clear space where text can be inserted.

-Edit your stock! Remove noise; apply some filters, enhance details, etc… For best results you will need professional (and expensive) software from adobe or corel, but there are many cheap alternatives to do this. If you have enthusiasm and love for editing, results will come.

-Seek advice from shutterstock veterans. Shutterstock forums  is a great place for that. Try to make friends, show some of your stocks for them to see, you will be amazed how much useful information you will accumulate from this.

-Stay legal! If you shoot properties or people, get releases to use the stock commercially. Avoid logos, trademarks and any other items that may cause any kind of infringement.

Submission and Tagging

-Before submitting anything, we recommend reading Shutterstock guidelines!

-Double-check! It doesn’t hurt to double-check your stock thoroughly before submitting, maybe you left something out.

-Be active and constantly increase your portfolio! This is the key to make money from home with shutterstock. Try to develop habit of uploading new stock at least three times a week. It’s elementary; the more stock you have the more money you make.

Although we don’t have inside knowledge into shutterstock algorithm. Its system highly favors new stock, so if stock is successful when its new, it will continue to generate income when gets older, it also indirectly helps other items in your portfolio.

-Don’t submit whole set of stocks at once, do it one at the time! Although its easer to submit dozen stocks at once, and then forgot about the shutterstock for a month, it is general consent that frequent activity generates more exposure.

-Tagging/Keywording! This is one of the most important things that you need to take care of.  You must carefully choose the best relevant keywords for your stock, as clients probably will not look for brand name submitter or the impeccable artistic shot; they just need relevant ready to use stock for their news outlet, website, ad, etc...

When client searches for content in Shutterstock the search filter displays only 4 main categories: New, Popular, Relevant and Random, which means that if you want your stock to become popular or relevant you will need to make it successful while it’s new.

So try to give as many possible accurate descriptions as possible, try to think like a buyer and don’t go over 45 keywords per stock. Also don’t spam with irrelevant keywords which may cause removal of your stock by admins, which will give your account a bad standing.

You may also add tags in your stocks EXIF data as shutter stock can read and index it.

Additional Tips

-Read Shutterstock Contributor Success Guide!

-Learn from experience! Keep track what sells, be proactive, try to level with buyer demands and make stock that is appealing commercially. As instinct is actually database of facts in your subconscious that you gain from experience, try to enhance it.

-Create website with your work! It is always good to have your own website where you can showcase your work. Link your website with Shutterstock, although you can sell content on your website directly, buyers like the size and simplicity of services like Shutterstock.


Submission and Tagging

Additional Tips

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