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Kickstarter Tutorial!

Last updated: March 09, 2015

Published: March 11, 2014

So you have read our review, and want to get kickstarter funding and realizing your great idea? Just carefully study this tutorial and you should be able to realize your dream in no time.

Set your crowdfunding project

Defining your crowd funding project is the most important thing. We advise that prior defining your project first read the Kickstarter Project Guidelines.

-Categorize! Make sure your project falls into any of these categories: Art, Comics, Dance, Design, Fashion, Film, Food, Games, Music, Photography, Publishing, Technology, and Theater. As there is no misc category, your project will be rejected by kickstarter if it’s not within their guidelines.

-Research! Read everything you find about kickstarter, checkout successful completed projects, try to learn from other people experiences.

-What are you raising money for! Clearly define your project. Kickstarter accepts only projects with a clear goal that can be eventually completed.

-Set target group! Define who would potentially use your product and why someone would pledge you money.

-Define the amount you will need for the project. It is very important to be realistic here, as kickstarter funding is on all or nothing basis, you will need to setup the amount you need to raise very carefully. We recommend that you take your time to calculate exactly how much you will need in order to develop your project and add 30% on top of that. Because always something unexpected comes up, no matter how thoroughly you planned your costs.

-Define project deadline! You can raise funds up to 60 days, but note that according to kickstarter projects that last 30 days or less have higher success rate. This is due to the fact that shorter projects set tone of confidence and urgency.

Prepare your crowdfunding project

Once you set your goals you can start preparing your crowd funding project, take your time don’t hurry anything because the more appealing and professional your project is, the higher the chances for success.

-Select Title! Title should be specific, to the point and memorable. Make the project title desirable, avoid pathetic words like help, support or fund.

-Prepare Image! Project image is like your project face, image must be relevant to your project, but make it intriguing and artistic.

-Describe Project! Make your project description brief, without leaving any relevant project details, use relevant illustrations as much as you can. Most important make sure that you answer any questions, concerns or objections that your potential backers may have. There is also short description for the project that appears with your widget, make this as short and as punchy as possible.

-Prepare your biography. People simply want to know to whom they pledge their money, it’s imperative to introduce you properly.

-Create Video! Making project information video is not mandatory, but it’s highly recommended as most of the projects have one, and it’s a great tool to pinch your project. If you don’t know how to make good one, ask for help from professionals. We recommend starting the video with brief introduction and go straight to the point, everything else include later. Watch videos from successful projects to get the right idea.

-Setting Incentives! As kickstarter is not a charity organization, in order to stimulate people to fund your project you must prepare some rewards for your backers. The incentives must be within your project, the most important thing is to be creative, offer your potential backers unique and desirable experiences and rewards. The incentives can be copies of the thing and creative collaborations, experiences or mementos. Offer different rewards proportionally with the amount of the pledge. Be aware that $25 is the most common donation that people usually pledge, so it’s good to have some nice rewards specifically targeted for this amount. However do your math in advance, how much these incentives will cost you, don’t forget to add shipping costs and don’t go over budget. Format your reward clearly so the people can understand it easy. The great way to kickstart your project is to create Early bird incentive where you will offer great value reward to first, limited number of backers. You can also offer limited edition rewards to your biggest backers.

-Define and prepare your promoting networks! Campaigning is essential in actually getting funds for the project, so you will need to blueprint where and how you will be getting backers.

-Stay legal. Avoid using any copyrighted, trademarked or any other items that may cause any kind of infringement, unless you have release from its holders.

Publish your crowdfunding project

Provided that you have set and prepared your project, you are ready submit your project on kickstarter. You need to register, fill out the project information and wait for Kick Starter stuff to review your application. In normal circumstances you should hear from them within two days, but this may take up to a week, depending on your project and how busy they are.  If your project is accepted you will be notified and it will come online just after you setup your goal.

Promote crowdfunding project

Campaigning is where projects make or break. It is imperative to give your maximum, take it as fulltime job for the duration of the campaign.

-Internet! Use social networks; Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other social networking sites can be great place to promote your project, join different groups, channels and hangouts that are relevant to your project, post about it as often as you can without spamming. Comment on different websites with pages, articles and blogs related to your project, join and post on popular forums, etc…

-Use Family and friends! Get the word out as much as you can with family and friends who are by default supportive, utilize them!

-Press! If your project is unique you might want to try to get exposure from the press, if you succeed chances for your project success increase dramatically. You can try with big national press outlets, but the place where you really stand chance is your local newspaper, tv station or radio. They will be more receptive, because they like stories about what local people are doing.

-Create virtual or actual meeting parties. It is good thing to bond with your pledges by organizing virtual (on internet) or actual (at least people in your area) parties. It’s a great way to gain more supporters and exposure, but these must be thought very carefully.

-Project updates! This is your actual project blog on kickstarter. Where you can post updates either to public or your backers only. This is great tool where you can build momentum, inform and inspire backers for help. Post as much as you can (without spamming) with every activity and development regarding your project.

Additional Kickstarter Crowdfunding Campaign TIPS

-Promote and expose yourself personally to gain trust from the backers.

-Be professional from start to finish.

-Spare no expense on promotional video.

-Study and borrow from successful campaigns.

-Don’t Stretch your campaign for more than 30 days.

-Include Budget breakdown in your campaign page.

-Start spreading the word before launching the actual campaign.

-Include lots and lots of small rewards.

-Reach out to targeted audiences and do not send mass promotions.

-Give the backers good reason to help.

-Connect with communities potentially interested in your project.

-Personally thank and follow up with each contributor.

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Set your Project

Prepare your project

Publish your Project

Promote Project

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Set your Project

Prepare your project

Publish your Project

Promote Project

Additional Tips

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