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Etsy Tutorial!

Last updated: January 16, 2015

Published: March 11, 2014

So you have read our review, and want to make money from home by crafting unique or artistic items and selling on Etsy?

Just carefully study this tutorial and you will learn how to sell handmade items and setup an Etsy Business.


You have probably heard about many successful businesses that were started in garages, you can do the same with no or very little starting cost. Starting on Etsy is like setting up new business, in order to succeed you will need to prepare accordingly:

-Setup your working space. To make money from home and be productive you will need to dedicate some space in your home and where you can setup crafting studio and office, this can be some room that you don’t use, attic, garage or similar space. You will need to have enough space to do your crafting, have computer and files, pack your orders and process shipments, and photograph your art or crafts, storage your completed items. It is always good to be organized, so try to dedicate space for each of your operations. Yes there are many people that function great in chaos, but if the business picks up you will need to be prepared to process large quantities of items.

-Resources. Make sure that you have all the resources that are necessary for your entrepreneurship endeavor.  Tools, materials for crafting and packaging, photo camera, good computer with scanner and laser color printer are essential. When it comes to materials always use the best available, when people buy handcrafted items they expect the best materials, just don’t forget to price it accordingly.

-Legal Matters. If you start selling as an individual artist, it is mandatory to keep records on all your activities, especially sales, as at the end of the year you will need to pay taxes and check if you need a business license to operate, you may also have to deal with inspections if you deal with food items, cosmetics or if your work is fire hazard in some way. We strongly advise that you check your local laws for starting small business, there are always programs that you may benefit from. It is good to consult with business starting expert and see what the best option for you is.

Business Plan

-Market research. Before producing anything it is advisable that you do your home work and see what the demand for particular item is? Take your time and learn what kind of products sell, visit Etsy  trending. Check what your potential competition is doing. Do math how much it will cost you to produce certain items, do you have the right tools, can you do it by yourself or you will need external help…

-Branding! Get nice catchy brand name, a nice suitable logo is imperative. Your brand is like your child, you will need to nurture it and make it grow by putting quality items under its name. Although optional you may want to protect your intellectual property. For this you need to know following: Copyright by default protects your work as it is the moment is created (you can just add © wherever you publish your items), but this doesn’t protect the idea; Trademark can protect name, symbol or logo; Patent can protect invention or innovative fabrication process.

-Pricing! This is very delicate matter, research is essential here too; you cannot just start putting hefty price tags without any reference or branding. Start slow, learn from experience, you can make more money once you establish yourself, especially with specials like limited editions and personalized items. One you determine the crafts to make and sell you can proceed further.

Setup Etsy Shop

Upon registering for an Etsy account, by clicking “sell” button at the top of the site, you go to Etsy sell page. Review it and click on “Open Etsy Shop” upon filling the usual preferences such as language and currency you are ready for the next steps;

-Choosing shop name. Be original and imaginative; make sure your shop name reflects your style and brand, make sure it’s easy to remember, Google it, capitalize each letter and most importantly have a good feeling about it. There are thousands of Etsy shops, so the last thing you want to do is to get lost in the crowd.

-Shop title, announcement and banner. Describe as accurately you can your shop and items that you plan to sell as a group, this is essential for getting good search results. Etsy accepts a 760 x 100 pixel image that will be displayed at the top of your shop. Banner should be as much appealing as possible and make sure that accurately reflects your style and branding.

-Listing items for sale. Here you will be able to accurately describe, categorize, include variations, age, upload images, section and add tags for your item. Etsy features great interface for listing items, just follow it with simple mouse clicks and you will thoroughly describe and categorize your product in matter of minutes.  

-Billing info. By filling it you can select what payment methods to offer in your shop. You can include or choose from: Credit/Debit Cards, PayPal, Bank transfers, etc… You will also need to fill up your personal info that is required to collect payment.

-Open Shop. Once you completed everything just click Publish listings and Open Shop.

-About page. When you activate the shop we recommend that you fill about page, simply because potential customers tend to know from whom they are buying stuff.

Additional Tips for Selling on Etsy

-Promote your products. Make use of internet, use social networks, join groups, and post on relevant forums, articles and blogs where comments are allowed… The more people see your products, the more potential sales you generate.

-Get help from family and friends! Utilize them as much as you can, family and friends are by default supportive, you can count on their help at  the beginning, later if your business picks up you can hire them as part time help too.

-Customer Support. This is the place where shops get the up or break references. Treat everyone with respect, be extremely polite, never lie, and be as feasible as possible.

-Don’t list all items at once. It is good that you take care of each of your products individually, make habit of this as this way each product gets more exposure.

-Be patient. Nothing happens over night, expect the worse and hope for the best, the most importantly is to stay focused and calm during slow times, sooner or later if you are persistent enough the business will pick up.

-Actively participate in Etsy community. Being active member of the Etsy community is something that will inevitably help your business . Provide thoughtful and valuable feedback on Etsy forums. Get in touch with other (successful) sellers and ask for their feedback. Promote items from other sellers because on the long run you can expect others to do the same for you

-Keep your shop updated and offer deals. One of the oldest trick in the sales is to have periodic deals and special offers especially for your loyal customers, this greatly encourages the customers to come back to your store, and ultimately more sales.

-Don’t save on packaging. Experienced businessman spare no expense on great packaging, because they know this adds to product perception. It’s like a bonus for the client, and it shows that you truly care about your brand.

-Make use of Etsy Relevancy Guidelines. Take your time and experiment with ERG,  ensure that your products have relevant and effective tags and titles. See how other sellers are tagging their products, through trial and error see what works for you.

-Build your own community. Establish loyal base of fans by  creating social page or group where you will offer expert advice, entertainment content or in simple words add value, filling a need outside your own shop.

-Check our article about Selling Online and The Best Online Selling Sites.

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