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Indeed Tutorial!

Last updated: August 25, 2014

Published: March 11, 2014

So you have read our review, looking for a job and want to make money from home by finding home based or full time job on Indeed? Just carefully study this indeed job search  tutorial and you should be employed in no time.

Getting Started and Basic Searching Tips

-Sign up to indeed, which is indeed easy. You can do this with an email address or just use your facebook account.

-Get hang of it! You can do this by performing simple search on indeed’s main page, by entering “what” kind of job and from “where” (location) you want job listings to appear.

-Searching tips: If you want to search for exact job; put double quotation marks on word; Indeed search is not case sensitive; When you get too many listings you can “refine your search” results using button by the same name; Further you can refine it with adding extra words in what box; You can use zip codes in where box; To exclude certain keywords just type “NOT” before terms that you don’t want; You can use complex phrases that include “AND” or “OR” ; On the bottom left you can see your last 10 searches, etc…

Posting Resume

Having a copy of your resume online at hand, means that you will be able to instantly apply for any job you are interested, which saves time.

-Prepare your resume! Make it professional and to the point. There are many types of resumes, but you must include your skills, experience, education and former jobs that in reverse chronological order. You can save you resume in: doc, docx, pdf (made from text not scanned),  txt,or rtf  format.

-Upload Resume! This can be done by clicking “upload resume” when you login into your account, once uploaded your resume becomes Indeed Resume. You can edit or delete your resume any time. You can also start new resume from scratch directly on indeed, you will just need to fill-up the Profile, Work and education sections.

-Personal URL! Once you have your indeed resume you can get personal URL by clicking “Personalize your resume”, where you have the option to have shorter personalized link to your resume.

-Privacy! With the privacy setting for your resume you can make your resume Public (visible to everyone) or Private (visible to people you share it only)

-Removing Resume! You can delete your online resume anytime for any reason by clicking “Delete your resume”

Apply for Job

Indeed is the top jobs website in the world, with more than 100 million unique monthly visitors. It’s certainly the right place to start when looking for a job.

-Find the right job! By searching what and where you may find the right job right away or you may need to further refine your search with searching techniques that we described above. You can also use advanced search tool, which enables to search by: vacancies, company name, type, salary, and you can filter by distance from your location or by the age of the listing.

-Apply for the job! After finding the listing with the right job for you, by clicking on the title you will see the job description, requirements and location. In order to apply, just follow the instructions within the listing.

Setting up Job Alerts

One of the great features of indeed is Job Alerts. Using this tool you get the latest job alerts as soon as they are posted.

-Activating Job alerts. Do a job search, when you get to results, on the right side of the page click on “Get new jobs for this search by email” . After you perform this task, you will see “Jobs alerts active”. This means that each day you will be receiving email, containing new job listings that match your search. You can also additional email alerts based on different searches. When clicking “Jobs alerts active” you can delete, edit and pause alerts.

Additional Tips

-Job trends! Interesting tool that can give you insight into supply and demand of jobs, skills, etc.. on any given keyword, it’s good to run your keywords to actually see where do you stand on the job market.  

-Salary search tool! If you want to get estimate on what certain jobs pay, and perform job search by salary you can also add comparison.

-Best places to work! With this search tool you can see what are the best places to work and find the best nearby suitable place for you.

-Search preferences! You can further customize with this tool and filter the results on your jobs search query.

-Block Company! If you want to block listings from specific company you can do so by clicking “block” beneath each job search listing.

-Job search tools! Above and many other tools can be found in Indeed Job Search Tools page. .

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Getting Started

Posting Resume

Apply for job

Setting up Job Alerts

Additional Tips

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