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eBay Tutorial!

Last updated: January 08, 2015

Published: March 11, 2014

Interested in learning how to sell online and setting up and eBay business? Just carefully study this tutorial and we will guide you to learn how to sell online and setup your eBay business


If you have stuff for sale, especially old, rare and collectables items, eBay is the right place to make money from home. In 90% of the cases items on eBay will sell at the worth price, this is due to the fact that eBay is massive, and people who look for certain items will find it and simply supply and demand dictates the price. In order to make money from home at eBay, you will have to treat it like real business, so keep the following in mind:

-Legal Matters. Before you start selling on eBay, it is mandatory to keep records on all your activities, as at the end of the year you will need to pay taxes. Check your local laws if you need a business license to operate, you may also have to deal with inspections if you deal with food items, cosmetics or if your work is hazardous in some way. It is good to consult with business starting expert and see what the best option for you is.

-Inventory. It is always good to start with the stuff you own and bites dust in your attic or garage. Once you get the hang on eBay, you will notice that old, rare and collectables sell the best, so you will need to get such supplies to continue making money. The best way to find such items is to keep your eyes, nose and ears open for garage sales in rich neighborhoods, liquidations, public auctions, storage auctions and similar places where you can get great items for fraction of the real potential value. There are also sites where you can acquire cheap merchandise online like liquidation.com, salehoo.com, etc...

-Resources. Make sure that you have all the resources that are necessary for your eBay endeavor.  Digital photo camera, good computer with scanner and laser color printer is a must, tools and materials for packaging, etc…

Start Selling Online

To start selling on eBay  you will need to open an eBay sellers account with credit card on file and verified PayPal account (PayPal business or premium account is even better).

-Submit listing! Once you do your homework and check what similar items as your listing sell on eBay you are ready to submit. Make clear and precise description of the item without spamming, upload as many good photos as you can, put it in relevant category, check if the item is already listed in eBay catalog, choose fixed price or go for an auction, set listing duration, specify payment terms and shipping costs from your location, and clearly specify your return policy.

-Preview and Publish listing! Double check everything in case you left something out. When you finish everything described so far you can publish your listing by clicking the “List” button.

-Manage your listing! After your listing is online you can at any time check if anyone bought or bid on it. You can post feedback and answer questions to potential buyers. You can also revise it.

-Finalize sale! Provide feedback communicating with your buyer. Confirm that you have received the payment and ship the item.

Create an eBay Store

Alternatively you may want to setup an eBay store, but after you gain enough experience selling without store. Creating eBay store is not that difficult, although it’s not simple either. When you login with your sellers account, you can open your own eBay store and follow these guidelines:

-Choose store name! Your store name is like your child, you will need to nurture it and make it grow by putting quality items under its name and providing excellent customer experience.

-Choose subscription! You can choose between basic ($19.95/month), Premium ($59.95/month) and Anchor Store ($199.95/month) subscriptions. Each subscription has its own advantages; you can choose what the best option for you is. The thing here is, the more you pay the more exposure you get!

-Customize your store appearance. You can utilize some html coding to make your store more appealing, if you are high end user you can do it by yourself, by reading various coding tutorials. If you are not that computer savvy you can get external help.

-Promote your store! The easiest way to promote your store is through eBay auction, because each time the buyer visits your auction, eBay will cross-reference your fixed price items from your store too. Advertise your business through social networks, groups, and post on relevant forums, articles and blogs where comments are allowed… The more people see your products, more potential sales. However be aware that although promoting your eBay store on Internet does not hurt, you should concentrate on eBay users. Because people visit eBay to buy things, and the key is to make the buyers that are interested in your products, to find you easy.

Build eBay Reputation

Reputation is like window to your business dealings. The more positive feedback you have more people will buy from you. EBay features feedback system where both buyers and sellers can provide feedback after transaction is completed.  Getting good reputation takes time, but ultimately is one of the most important things and seller with good reputation will surely do considerably more business.

-Stay Honest! Don’t lie or distort facts about items you sell and shipping costs.

-Customer support! Try to answer questions from potential buyers as quickly as possible, staying friendly and polite no matter how boring the buyer is.

-Ship on time! No matter how busy you are, always ship items as agreed with the buyer.

-After sale communication! It is good to communicate with buyer after they received the parcel, how satisfied they are with the item, provide additional support and feedback.

Additional eBay Tips

-Sell in season and time it! It is always good to sell Christmas items during Christmas. Don’t end your auctions in 3 am in the morning; the best time for closing auctions is between 7-9 pm everyday, except Fridays and Saturday s.

-Refund! If by some strange case of circumstances item arrives broken or the buyer changes its mind, accept refunds and be polite.

-Sell batch items. You can always make your item more desirable by throwing some extra items.

-Flog! You have some item that you bought last year, but you upgraded and don’t use it any more, flog it on eBay.

-Make use of eBay abbreviations! BN: Brand new. BNWT: Brand new with tags. BNIB: Brand new in box. BIN: Buy it now. VGC: Very good condition.

-Check our article about Selling Online and The Best Online Selling Sites.

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