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If you have nice items for sale or just want to flog your old stuff, try your self by setting up free online store on ebay. You may also want to check CafePress which also offers free online store for your stuff.

There is 90% chance (or even higher) that you already heard about ebay and you know what it does.

If by some strange case of circumstances don’t know what eBay is. EBay is global auction and shopping website, which mission is to provide a global trading platform where anyone can trade anything although there are some restrictions.

Since it’s started in mid nineties, when first it was named as AuctionWeb mainly for collectables. Today eBay has become one of the world's largest websites to buy and sell; it’s a community of millions and millions of buyers, sellers and businesses from all sides of the globe. Millions of items, from needle to a locomotive, used and new, change hands every day on eBay for prices ranging from one cent to hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars.

Making money on eBay can be simple. Millions of people sell on eBay everyday for lots of reasons you can try either with stuff you have biting dust, or with your own product.

After you decide what to sell, you can put up to 50 free basic listings monthly, either for auction listing or listing with fixed price. If the sale is successful eBay will charge you sellers and paypal fee at the end of the month. However if you want to add Gallery Plus, Listing Designer, Subtitle, make the listing in bold font, putting listing in more than one category, or add international visibility to your listing, then you have to pay additional fees to eBay, and on top of that there are supplemental service fees.

Many veteran eBay sellers are complaining about these fees and looking for alternatives these days.

We recommend starting slowly with 2 or 3 listings, but make sure you do your homework before posting by checking the competition for similar items, make brief and precise description, and put nice photos.

Experience and practice is the best teacher. Once you get things rolling, start listing more items on a weekly basis. You will soon gain enough experience and ultimately settle on a system that works best for you. Nothing is easy if you try hard enough you will be successful, and soon you might want to setup your store where you can create a central shopping destination, where buyers can learn about you and all the products you sell. You'll receive tools for designing your Store, plus marketing and reporting features, and dedicated toll-free customer support. But for running eBay store you need to pay a Store subscription fee each month.

Although there are some alternative sites like Ealtbay and eBid, unfortunately none is as nearly popular in terms of traffic and buyers as eBay.

If you plan to start making money on eBay,  make sure you read our eBay Tutorial

Last updated: April 9, 2014


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