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If you are good at writing, some sites will pay for your articles or blog posts. Payment is based on page views for just about anything you want to write about.  

Last updated: April 9, 2014

If you enjoy writing, you may want to make money from home with it. Probably the best place for beginners is Helium network, a website where writers are paid for contributing articles. Each contributing article is rated by peer system from other contributing writers. The higher the ratings, the higher the page views, the more money article makes. Articles are grouped into Titles and are arranged by channels and sub-channels. It is advised writers to rate other articles in order to be able to make money from their own articles. The biggest reason for this hassle is that it increases page views, and ultimately increases ad sense score.

There are also Helium writing contests where writers can win prizes. Contest winners are determined by ratings. Bad, false and plagiarism articles can be flagged so the editors can check them out.

Based on quality and quantity of articles writers earn stars. If you are good enough you’ll get the opportunity to make more money by getting into Helium Content Source (HCS). This department specializes in creating custom content for a variety of clients, from retailers, newspapers and magazines to legal, medical and financial institutions.

At HCS you can match freelance assignments that are right for you. Qualified writers, editors and fact-checkers work on a wide range of projects through HCS; you can provide content for newsletters, articles, blogs, retail product descriptions, customer websites, etc… these articles are not visible on the main Helium website.The articles from HCS can be also sold as stock content with republishing rights.

Helium income is active; Writers need to maintain one rating star in order to be eligible for rewards. The payments are made twice monthly via paypal, minimum payout is $25.

Once an article is posted it cannot be deleted by the writers. Minimum word count is 400 words per article.

Helium is an excellent place where rookie writers can test out their skills. If you are professional writer, Helium probably is not the right place for you; simply putted rating other articles is a waste of time. Helium certainly is not the highest paying website either.  Helium also changes rules very frequently, so you can’t call it a reliable service. There are alternatives text content sites that pay better, however each of these sites has advantages and disadvantages. If you choose to write and make money from home you need to choose text content site that suits you the best.

Alternatives to Helium are:, Associated Content, Demand Studios , Triond, Newsvine, and many other, and if you are into making money from articles via ads, HubPages is much better choice.


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