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One of the world's largest marketplace for services, starting at $5 per gig. Primarily used by freelancers who use it to offer a variety of different services, and by customers to buy those services.

Founded in 2009 and launched 2010 as an online outsourcing marketplace, Fiverr is a place where freelancers exhibit their gigs (services) to customers from around the globe in exchange for financial compensation. Most of the gigs cost $5 and that is how the platform got its name. However not all gigs cost five bucks, it is estimated that around half of the gigs cost more. Actually there are more than 3 million gigs listed on the platform that cost from $5 to $500 per gig. Fiverr is one of the most popular freelance outsourcing service marketplaces and is available in more than 200 countries.

Fiverr acts as a middle man and facilitates the buying and selling of services (Gigs) or micro-jobs online between freelancers and customers who need specific things or tasks being done. The gigs offered at fiver are so diverse that is hard to explain in simple sentence, for example some gigs titles go as: “I will design awesome logo for your company”,  “I will make testimonial video for your product”, “I will help you with js/html/css coding for your website”, “I will be your professional virtual assistant”, “I will promote your social network page”, “I will make custom toy for your kids birthday”, “I will provisionally edit your videos” etc...

The platform’s slogan “Buy. Sell. Have fun.” is not far fetched at all and is actually very close to the truth, because Fiverr offers a chance to many freelancers to make money from home with their hobbies. This is described by Fiverr as a “Gig economy” to what many agree. If by some strange case of circumstances, customers cannot find the gig they are looking for, they can use another great feature called “Request a Gig”.

If you have some gig in mind that you can perform and think people might be willing to pay for it, Fiverr is a great place to make money from home. You can start posting gigs immediately upon signing up with email, google+ or facebook account.

The user interface of Fiverr is simply putted great, it is well thought, perfectly executed from the technical standpoint and overall the things go smooth, fast and responsive.

To assure buyer/seller satisfaction there is a two weeks "clearance" time after gig was marked as "Complete" by the buyer, then the money is transferred to the freelancer who performed the gig. Fiverr charges 20% commission on all gigs.

In order to help customers choose the right freelancer Fiverr features a feedback reputation based level system.

There are three levels that freelancers can achieve on Fiverr:

-Level 1: Freelancers who are active on the platform 30 days and completed at least 10 gigs maintaining good ratings and track record.

-Level 2: Freelancers that have completed over 50 gigs in the past 60 days maintaining excellent ratings and a solid track record.

-Top Rated Seller: These are freelancers who are are manually chosen by Fiverr editors. Based on their seniority, sales volume, extremely high ratings and exceptional customer satisfaction.

Each time the gig performer levels up, additional sale tools are unlocked like “Gig extras” and “Multiples”. Naturally the reputation gained which each level is essential in getting more orders for gigs.

Overall fiverr seems to be great platform but it’s not flawless and without controversy. While many gigs are legit and are mutually beneficial both to freelancer and customer. There are many gigs, that at best can be put in gray area such as: fake reviews, fake likes and other social media fake boosts, etc...

Fiverr fails in security too, unlike other online platforms who check personal information and not allowing multiple accounts from same person. Fiverr only requires an email to buy or sell. Which means that scammers can create a fake accounts without hassle at all, and can later use these accounts to boost their gigs.

There are also many complaints about Fiverr support, which seems to be slow and indifferent. But to be fair and unbiased, keep in mind that usually the unsatisfied users are the most vocal ones. Satisfied users don’t waste their time complaining online.

To conclude this review, when we put the obvious flaws aside there are hundreds of thousands satisfied Fiverr users, so it is up to you and your intentions to determine if the Fiverr is the right platform for you.

There are many alternatives to Fiverr, the most notable and popular are:

-elance/odesk (UpWork)



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If you are interested in Fiverr make sure you check out our exclusive interview with Redd Horrocks a Featured Top Rated Seller on Fiverr.


Popularity: 5/5

Reliability: 4/5

Security: 3/5

User Interface:5/5

Support: 3/5

Our rating for this platform! Users rating for this platform!
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Last updated: November 04, 2014

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