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If you are real expert and can create music, articles, art, tech, or can produce any type of audio, video, or text that can be consumed, you may be able to sell some stuff in iTunes store.

Last updated: April 9, 2014

If you are an apple customer you probably know that iTunes is media management application for OSX, Windows and iOS.

Via the iTunes store customers can purchase, rent or subscribe to digital content.

With its contingency, portability, affordability, variety, security, user interface and legality iTunes is one of the most popular services of its kind in the world, and with giant like apple behind it, this service constantly expands and utilizes the latest trends.

Customers can buy literally any kind of digital content through iTunes store, with more than 600 million users and billions of dollars of revenue. It’s a gigantic business.

If you own or control a catalog of content for digital distribution, such as music, books, videos, iOS apps and games, you can make money from home selling your content on iTunes store via iTunes connect and compete with the experts.

Now here comes the tricky and complicated part. iTunes store can be divided in three main sections: Media, Apps and Books, so each of this sections with its subsections need separate application in order to sell content. You will need to go through very complicated procedure. First you will need apple ID, than you will need to create iTunes connect account, than you will need to fill out and submit the application depending on what kind of content you want to sell. If your application is approved which can take a while you will be able to start selling. That is why there are many aggregate companies and services that for a fee can sell your content on your behalf on iTunes.

Nevertheless once you are in, you can enhance your content with various utilities, templates and manuals that are on your disposal. These include: mastered for Itunes, App developer program, iBooks author, iTunes LP & Extras, iAd producer, widget builder, linking tools, etc.. Then obviously you will need to reach potential buyers by promoting your content on internet in order to make money from home with iTunes.

While iTunes user interface is stunning aesthetically, the best that can be described as “complex bloat composition”!

It is evident that apple iTunes has the biggest catalog in terms of music and video offerings, which doesnot mean there are no alternatives. Notable alternatives to apple iTunes Store are Google with its Google play and Amazon with its services.


Popularity: 5/5

Reliability: 4/5

Security: 4/5

User Interface:3/5

Support: 3/5

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