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How to use social media influence to get free stuff.

Klout is a must for all social media junkies. It tracks social media usage and determines how big your influence is. Based on this you qualify for free perks.

Last updated: September  26, 2014

Social and online influence matters to businesses a great deal, as they spend limitless amounts of money in advertising and product/service placement. This is why “Klout” a online influence measuring platform was launched in 2008 with venture capital funding.

The platform initially generated quite a buzz (not always positive), regardless of all the negativity the platform quickly gained in popularity, attracting both businesses and individuals. Klout was acquired earlier in 2014 by Lithium Technologies, a leader in Social Networks engagement and conception of online communities for the major brands.

The idea behind Klout is to measure anyone's social media activities and influence. They do this by measuring, analyzing and aggregating various aspects of social media actions, such as re-tweets, likes, comments, shares, etc.. When all this data is sorted out, the platform generates “Klout Score” (1-100) which indicates the social’s account power to thrust action and engage people. They also determine the most influential topics, influencers and influencees as well as other relevant data surrounding social’s account spatiality.

The platform uses simple yet effective business model. Companies pay Klout for Perk Campaigns, where they offer free products and services to influential Klout users.

With each campaign Klout users are selected based on their Klout scores, topics, demographics and location. To be legally correct users who receive perks are under no obligation to write about or review the perks they receive, however the brands expect certain percentage of influential users to write about their products and services, keeping the buzz up.

If when you talk about or post something on social networks and people usually  respond, joining Klout might be the right way for you to get free perks from the comfort of your own home, and here is how:

You can instantly join Klout with your Facebook or Twitter account. Once in, the system will automatically measure what your Klout score is, average score is 40 and if your score is over 60, you are potentially in; for some really good perks. The next step is to fill your profile and add all your other social media accounts.

The Klout Score uses data mainly from Twitter, Facebook and Klout itself; Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram and Wikipedia, also contribute to certain extent.

You can add other social media accounts as well, but these do not have significant impact on the Klout Score.

The aggregated Klout Score is determined from several main measurements:

-True reach and network impact (The number of actual/real user that engage with your account and your account overall impact on selected network)

-Amplification (The likelihood of account’s posts to be reshared, retweeted, etc..)

-Number of connected networks (The more networks Klout account has, the more things to add into the score)

-History and Quality (As Klout score is measured over a period of 90 days, system values consistent and quality posts)

-Interacting with other Klout users (The more user interacts with other Klout users, especially those with the higher scores, the better)

Klout Perks are organized in six main categories:


-Fashion and Retail



-Food and Drink


So what are the perks like? It varies from the category, Klout Score and demographics. For example you can receive, free tickets, software, food, subscriptions, consumer items, beauty products etc...

User interface of Klout is simple, with everything just a click or two away, which cannot be said for their search module, that certainty need improvement. Customer support at best can be described as mediocre. In order to increase its presence on the mobile devices Klout launched iOS and Android apps. And believe it or not, some employers are using Klout Score as a determining factor in hiring process.

The platform have received criticism from various sources for its methodology (and its opacity) by which scores are generated, privacy violations, exploiting users, artificial feel and the fact that the score can be manipulated with bots.

Regardless of what the critics say, there are tons of people and businesses on Klout; Till date there have been more than 620 million scored users, more than million perks delivered and more than 200 thousand companies registered, so overall it is a good service

The most notable alternatives to Klout are:




Popularity: 5/5

Reliability: 4/5

Security: 4/5

User Interface: 4/5

Support: 4/5

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