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If you have strong attention to detail, a good memory, and if you are willing to advance your tasks (which will be reimbursed later) the mystery shopping might be the right job for you.

While mystery shopping cannot be a full time job (except in rare cases) it is very fun and interesting way to make extra money or earn free products and services.

Confero is one of the oldest and most reputable mystery shopping platforms. They have been in the business for more than two decades and definitely a platform to consider if you want to make money as a mystery shopper. Available in United States, Canada, Mexico, China and Europe. Confero recruits mystery shoppers in various niches such as: Banking and Finance, Automotive, Retail, and Food and Beverage. They also recruit shoppers with access to specialized shopping venues such as: Military bases, Post-security areas of airports, Institutions/corporate sites, Theme parks and Truck stops. Confero grades its shoppers demographically by Gender, Age, Household Income, Children, Education, Home ownership and Pets, which from the clients perspective provides valuable data and helps developing an internal quality audits.

Assignments can be: Anonymous Mystery Shopping, On Site Audits, On the Spot Prize, Incentive Mystery Shops, Telephone shopping, Compliance audits, Price checks, etc...

So if you have strong attention to details and can blend without being noticed or drawing attention, Confero might be the right way to make money for you.

Joining Confero is relatively easy, you will need to sign up online from this page fill your profile with personal information and agree to their Independent Contractor Agreement.

Once in and approved, you will be added to Confero database of eligible mystery shoppers. So next time the task of mystery shopping is available near your location you will be notified by email with a link to the job board, where you can view the task and submit a request to complete it. Alternatively you can search the job board with filters to find the most suitable mystery shopping task for you. Note that once you choose an assignment you have to wait to be cleared and awarded to you by Confero and some assignments require passing online test before being awarded.

When you pick a task, you must follow the guidelines which vary for each job and can include date, time, location, what to order, what to look for, etc...

After you finish your task by following guidelines and survey, you will also need to validate your assignment with receipt or other means like business card or similar, to prove that you have visited the assignment spot.

Each time you successfully complete assignment, allocated amount (plus reimbursement if any) or reward is credited to your account. Confero pays twice each month the accumulated amount from all completed tasks in the previous month via PayPal or with direct deposit (US only). To be able to receive payments from Confero US citizens must pass SSN/EIN verification.

All mystery shoppers at Confero are being rated from 1 to 10 for each assignment. Novices start with 5, so its imperative to take mystery shopping seriously and professionally execute each assignment. Because most of the jobs require rating of at least seven, while more awarding assignments require rating of eight or higher.

There are many alternatives to Confero, there are a lot of scams too. So if you want to check and try other legitimate mystery shopping platforms we recommend visiting MSPA (Mystery Shopping Providers Association)


Popularity: 4/5

Reliability: 4/5

Security: 4/5

User Interface:3/5

Support: 4/5

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Last updated: May 19, 2014

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