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ANSWERING QUESTIONS may be the right gig for all information junkies. If you are expert in certain field you can answer questions and get paid for it. Verification is required before being accepted though.

Established in 2003 by Andy Kurtzig, JustAnswer.com (also known as pearl.com) is the largest paid answers marketplace. JustAnswer acts as middle man between customers who need reliable answers for certain topic, and experts who provide these answers.

JustAnswer monetized on yahoo answers concept, by taking it a step further utilizing  verified experts and financial reward system. The service has experts in more than 150 categories organized in 15 main sections:

-Antiques & Appraisals

-Boats & Recreation Vehicles

-Cars & Motorcycles

-Computer Support

-Consumer Electronics

-Events & Entertainment

-Finance & Tax

-Health & Medical

-Home Improvement & Appliance Repair

-Homework & Tutoring


-Life Coaching & Counseling

-Trucks & Heavy Equipment


-Other Professionals

Experts are available online 24/7, and the most popular categories are: Health, Legal, Pets and Cars.

Professionals are attracted to the platform due to the possibility to monetize their expertise from the comfort of their own computer. Customers find the service very convenient, because it saves time and money.

For example: You can get basic medical advice without visiting MD; You can get quick legal advice without lawyers appointment; You can get home wiring advice and DIY without hiring electrician; You can get wiring diagrams for your car without begging car service or dealership for it; You can fix you home tech problem without going through tech support nightmare; etc...

Besides saving time and money, the service owns a great deal of its success due to its simplicity. Here is how it works:

-Client Submits a question.

-Places a good faith deposit.

-Expert answers the question.

-Client likes the answer and gives positive rating.

-Expert gets paid.

Depending on category, complexity and urgency of the question, clients pay from $15 to $100 per question ($20 being the most common deposit). Experts receive 20-50% from the amount each answer earns, and can get paid once they have more than twenty bucks accumulated on their account, first business day of every month via PayPal.


So if you have expert knowledge in certain category and think that you can provide good answers to potential clients, JustAnswer might be the right platform for you to make money from home.

In order to become verified expert you will need professional verification and disclose personal identification. Here is how to apply:

-Create an account and sign in.

-Apply to become an expert and select your category.

-Submit your information like resume, work history, and education

-Complete subject-matter test to verify your expertise.

-Submit professional credentials.

-Wait for your application will be reviewed and approved.

If your application is accepted you will receive an email notification and the verified expert logo will be displayed in your profile.

Once in you can start making money answering questions. The first thing you should do is to acquaint your self with the user interface and read the “Answering Questions” page.

From the experts perspective, the user interface of Just Answer is intuitive, well thought and executed, all important functions are just click away.

Once you feel comfortable at the platform you may start answering questions and begin building your reputation. Remember that each satisfied client adds to your reputation, the bigger the reputation. The higher your reputation is, the higher the shift from initial 20% you receive from each approved answer.

Important note: There is no guarantee that you will get paid for your answers, payment comes only after client accepts the answer.

Depending on your category you may receive scorecards. Which are filled with periodic, satisfaction and productivity aggregate metrics like: Customer Satisfaction Score, Category Average, Category Leader, Question Count, Answer Rate, Positive & Negative Ratings, etc...

Scorecards are important as they can help you improve your productivity, and are essential factor in climbing the earnings percentage ladder. Nevertheless there are other factors too, as experts are constantly under ongoing evaluation by customers, other experts, clandestine customers and the expert quality advisory board.

On a negative side we have noted numerous complaints mostly from clients like: Horrific Customer Support, Double Billing, Hard to cancel subscriptions, Impossible to get refunds, Hustling Payment Techniques, Dodgy Practices, etc...

Some “former” Experts complain that they did not get paid, only due to the fact that someone else in their category was under investigation. Some new experts complain about other (established) experts who allegedly use dodgy tactics with new experts they see as a threat. There are many complaints about support both from Customers and Experts.

As the disappointed customers and experts are usually the most vocal ones online, to be fair to JustAnswer we noted fair amount of satisfied Customers and Experts praising the service as a reliable and professional.

To finalize this review, JustAnswer is great platform to make money from home once you establish yourself as a reliable expert. Getting there is not easy though, it takes time, patience, consistency and most of all providing great answers.

Alternative similar websites as JustAnswer are: mahalo.com, webanswers.com,  liveperson.com, maven.co, weegy.com, directly.com, ether.com, experts123.com, fixya.com, ingenio.com, helpowl.com, chacha.com, createpool.com

There are also similar platforms using SMS texts like: 42542.com, 242242.com (chacha.com), 63336.com(UK only)

Last updated: September 09, 2014


Popularity: 5/5

Reliability: 4/5

Security: 4/5

User Interface: 4/5

Support: 3/5

Our rating for this platform! Users rating for this platform!
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