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This platform pays for reviewing music. As you build up a reputation, you can earn more money. You won't earn much here, but if you enjoy listening to music you will surely like it.

Last updated: October 16, 2014

Launched with aim on assisting music artists, SliceThePie is a crowdsourcing platform that analyses music via aggregated reviews.

SliceThePie pays music fans (scouts) to review new music, and ultimately matches new music with potential audiences. Since the service was launched in 2007 it had 3 major upgrades, the most important one being the implementation of “SoundOut” a service that analyzes music using crowdsourcing. Another important landmark was partnering with the veteran platform “PledgeMusic” which considerably increased the platform’s user database and overall popularity. At the moment of writing this review the platform have paid more than $1.3 million for 12.8+ million reviews, its growing and constantly expanding. SliceThePie is also trying to expand in other areas beside music, so occasionally they run fashion trials (SliceThePie Catwalk) where scouts can review clothing too.

If you are music lover or enthusiast, SliceThePay is excellent way to make money from home to pay bill or two. However, it is not available globally and the platform does not publicly disclose list of eligible territories. We concluded that most of the Asia, Africa and Americas is blocked, including parts of Europe.

While you can register and create account from anywhere in the world, the only way to find out if your location is acceptable to review music is exclusively after logging in. This is considered by many (including us) as a very dodgy tactics used by the platform, yes this way they increase their user database, and have users in place for potential new territories. However, new users should be notified about this prior creating new account, as no one wants to loose their time applying for something that have absolutely no chances in getting accepted.

One thing is sure if you live in North America or Western Europe, there is solid chance that your territory is acceptable.

Once in, (if eligible) music fans (scouts) can begin reviewing music right away, by simply clicking on the scout button. Each song can be reviewed once its listened for at least 90 seconds. The Scouts listen music and do reviews anonymously without knowing the name of the artist, and can rate the song on a scale from 1 to 100. To ensure quality of the reviews the platform uses ranking system, each scout is graded based on the quality of the submitted reviews in the community, the higher the rank the higher the guaranteed amount scout receives for each review.

There are five Levels of rank at SliceThePie:

-Bronze: $0.10

-Silver: $0.20

-Gold: $0.30

-Platinum: $0.40

-Diamond: $0.50

Beside getting the guaranteed amount for each review, the scouts usually receive bonus with each submitted review depending on the quality. On average this can be anywhere from $0.10 to $0.30 per review. The scouts can also make money through the referral system (10% from the referee earnings for a year).

The number of reviews that can be submitted is limited by the thing called “Energy”, which starts at 10 and lowers with each submitted review. Energy replenishes over time depending of the rank and quality of the scout.

Once the scout accumulates over $10 bucks, can request to get paid via PayPal, which can take up to a week to get processed. Note that accounts that are inactive for period of two years are automatically canceled and any outstanding balance will be concealed by the platform.

Slice the Pie user interface is sleek and very easy to use, most of the things that matter are placed right where they need to be. However it can be certainly improved by adding some additional functionality and productivity features like: skip button, customization module and the overall speed of submitting reviews.

The biggest flaw of the platform is the filter system for detecting discrepancies and duplicates in the reviews, most of the scouts agree that the platform will be much better place without it.

Tips for making good reviews on SliceThePie:

-Join only if you like music: Don’t just review music for the sake of getting paid, try to enjoy and feel the song.

-Be descriptive and review while you listen: Try to be descriptive as much as possible, the best way to do this is to break down each song review and write separate sentences for the: intro, melody, lyrics, and arrangement. Try to use as much appropriate musical terms as you can, express your thoughts of the potential commercialization of the song, etc..

-Be positive and constructive: Stay on the positive side, most musicians dislike someone blatantly criticizing their work. When criticizing stay positive, for example do something like this: ”I really like this, but maybe can be improved by adding this or that, etc...” This is very important in order to get good feedback for the reviews, which ultimately improves your rank.


Alternatives to SliceThePie are:




-SonicAngel (to be relaunched soon)


Popularity: 4/5

Reliability: 4/5

Security: 4/5

User Interface: 4/5

Support: 4/5

Our rating for this platform! Users rating for this platform!
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