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Connect employers with prospective employees. Rewards for referring a candidate who gets hired. If you know some prospective candidate for certain job you will get paid if he or she gets hired.

Last updated: September  16, 2014

WiseStep is a on demand hiring professional network service, it is a place where you can find work or you can improve your career by finding resources and opportunities for networking. What makes WiseStep different from the other similar platforms is the possibility to refer someone for a job and get commission for it.

WiseStep slowly but surely builds its popularity because it cross-integrates various aspects of job recruitment process into into simple and intuitive platform:

-Companies, employers and recruiters can post unlimited jobs for free

-Use of Applicant Tracking System

-Collaborative Recruitment

-Employee referral program

-Targeting Employees and Employers

-Confidentiality Management

-Partnership with Free job boards and Aggregators

-Heavy integration with social networks

When a registered WiseStep member refers someone of his associates for a particular job that ultimately gets hired successfully by the employer, the member is entitled to get the allocated referral money from that particular job. Everyone from everywhere can refer for a job or be referred, as long as they are suitable for specific position.

WiseStep uses points system. The more connections and referrals you make, the more points you earn. Depending on the membership plan and accumulated points, members are graded and get paid for their successful referrals.

So how can you make money referring someone for a job?

Although everyone can join. We recommend WiseStep only to professionals or people with large lists of connections and professional friends, that can be interesting for the potential employers.

Creating a user account at WiseStep is relatively easy, you can use your email or with your social network account like Facebook or Linked-In.

There are 3 membership plans, of which the “Entry plan” is free but its very limited and capped.

Once in, the system will help you connect and find people with similar careers and interests, you can potentially cooperate with through networking. In the settings you can choose what information from your profile to be publicly displayed and you can apply to all or selected groups of people. Through the Network Updates Section, you can control how to broadcast your Activities to your Network.

The more connections a WiseStep profile has, the more attention attracts and expanding your connections is the key. You can invite your friends from social networks and email accounts. You can also try connecting with people from lists that system automatically displays for you (top-connected Profiles and newly joined Professionals), by sending invitations or get Introduced through mutual Contacts.

Familiarize and get the hang on of WiseStep user interface which is very simple to use, but it can be certainly improved as its sloppy at times.

Through the dashboard you can see job listings, Some Jobs are listed with a referral reward (displaying exact amount that the referrer will get if their candidate gets hired).  The idea is to match right candidates with the right job, the more connections you have the bigger the chances someone from your friends get hired.

Once you have someone in mind, Referring a candidate is done by simple Click on the “Refer Friends button”.

As a security is not one of the strong sides of this platform. Potential employees are advised to always do a background check of the employer, especially if a Job seems too good to be true and never reveal personal information.

To finalize this review WiseStep, uses a attractive formula, both from employers and users perspective:

Employers make use of the free postings and heavy integration with the social networks. For example: When you do a linked-in job posting, you can post in groups one at the time, with WiseStep you can automatically post the listing to multiple Linked-In groups.

Users are attracted to the platform because they can get referred or refer friends for specific job listing and make some money in the process.

Although there is no exact match WiseStep substitute, the following platforms can be considered as partial WiseStep alternatives:




-Open Science Lab




Popularity: 3/5

Reliability: 4/5

Security: 3/5

User Interface: 4/5

Support: 4/5

Our rating for this platform! Users rating for this platform!
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