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Global outsourcing marketplace, a place where freelancers and employers can interact. But note that it comes with a number of membership plans for the users ranging from free to premium.

Last updated: June 10, 2014

Freelancer.com is one of the most popular global outsourcing marketplaces (if not the biggest) and its a place where businesses and employers can use the global network of Freelancers to achieve their projects. Freelancer.com is headquartered in Sydney, Australia and they have offices in London, Buenos Aires, Vancouver, Manila and Jakarta.

Since its launch they gained more than 11.3 million users. This is due to the fact that they acquired many freelancing platforms like: GetAFreelancer, EUFreelance, LimeExchange, Scriptlance, Webmaster-talk, vWorker and others...

Freelancer.com was able to buy out all these platforms because of its profitability. Unlike other freelancing platforms they charge their users for almost everything. They charge freelancers immediately after accepting the project a percentage or fixed fee depending of type of project and user membership plan.

The user interface of Freelancer is complex and deceitful, they have deliberately put sneaky buttons to pay instantly for everything, they even have tricky buttons to post the same project again, after you posted it and paid for it, to charge you again.

So you  are probably asking your self how can such a sneaky and deceitful platform still exist? The answer is simple, it is so popular that freelancers can always find good paying work at freelancer.com and make money from home.

Joining is easy, with just an email address. Once in, you are automatically granted basic membership plan for one month, that if you want to keep, you will need to pay $4.95/month after the first month expires. After filling up your profile with your details, you can add your skills, which are organized in dozen main categories with dozens and dozens of subcategories. The number of skills that you can submit is dependent with your membership plan. So you can list 20 skills for Free, 30 for Intro, 50 for Basic, 80for Plus, 100 for Standard and 400 skills for Premium membership plan. We strongly recommend on not making any deposit or revealing any cc info to freelancer until you get the hang on of the user interface, which as we said above is very sneaky.

Based on your skills you can then browse projects that the system automatically generates for you. Freelancer has reputation and reward system in place .These two are not the same thing, while the reputation system is based on the feedback of your finished projects, the reward system is indexed from your engagement at the platform. To further highlight your presence at freelancer.com you can take technical exams (each costs five bucks to take) where you can certify your skills to potential clients. After passing each exam, a special badge will be added to your profile and will be displayed next to your bids!

Be very careful when selecting projects to bid, because due to its popularity freelancer.com is flooded with scammers who pray on innocent freelancers and will exploit your freelance skills without paying you a dime.

Here are some tips on how to avoid getting scammed on freelancer.com:

-Check the employer's profile, see if there are positive reviews from other freelancers, see if the “$” sign is highlighted next to the profile picture (this is an indication that profile is "Payment Verified")

-Paid projects from employer have: Private, Featured, Sealed Bids, or Full-time tags in it, this indicates that the client is most likely paying and trustworthy.

-Check the project description, if its well written means that the employers know what what they want. Look if the employer allows milestone payment system which is another good indication.

-Always trust your instincts, if some project is too good to be true it probably is.


Freelancer.com supports all major payment systems, and you can withdraw funds once per week in single currency. This is another sneaky thing because different projects pay in different currencies, and there is no currency conversion at freelancer.

Also make sure that you withdraw your money regularly, as you may face inactivity fee of ten bucks per month just for letting your earned money stay with them.

While this is probably the most hated of all freelance platforms, it is definitely worth joining it, as there is always good paying projects listed there. The most notable freelancer.com alternative platforms are: Elance/oDesk (UpWork), Guru.com and Fiverr. Or just check out our up-to-date list with the best freelancing platforms.


Popularity: 5/5

Reliability: 4/5

Security: 2/5

User Interface:1/5

Support: 2/5

Our rating for this platform! Users rating for this platform!
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