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Consumer opinion websites like dooyoo pay you for each product review you write or read. This is very interesting way to make money online. Not much, but enough to pay bill or two.

Last updated: October 31, 2014

Founded 1999 in Germany and owned by French “LeGuide Group”, dooyoo is a consumer review platform, or “dynamic social shopping platform” as they like to be called. Its a place where users can post reviews about their first hand experiences for different consumer products. Dooyoo is not a global platform yet and it’s available only in larger European countries.

While the platform makes its money through advertising and affiliate marketing, they do pay users for writing reviews for products that are listed in their catalogue. What they do is they use the user generated content to attract traffic to their website. If the visitor likes the product and purchases it, dooyoo makes money via the affiliate commission from the retailer. At the moment of writing this the dooyoo catalogue contains more than 1.5 million products.

The platform is heavily driven by its community and new members must establish themselves among their peers within the community if they want to get the most from the DooYoo.

If you live in any of the countries where dooyoo is available and like writing reviews about products that you purchased or used, dooyoo can be really interesting platform to make money from home. Can dooyoo replace your daytime job or make you rich? Certainly not, but its a great way to earn some money to pay bill or two.

Instead of money the platform uses dooyooMiles which can be later converted to amazon vouchers or cash. 1000 dooyooMiles is worth £1 in UK or €1 in Germany, the minimum redeem conversion threshold is 20000 miles for amazon vouchers or 50000 dooyooMiles for cash (which may take up to two months to be redeemed). Alternately you can donate your miles to charity once you have accumulated at least 5000 dooyooMiles.

It is also important to know that dooyoo miles expire in 12 months from the moment they are earned. In addition to writing reviews dooyooers can earn extra miles with the automatic participation in monthly competitions and via the referral system (bringing new active users to dooyoo).

What are the requirement to join dooyoo:

-Reside in Germany, UK, Spain, Italy or France

-Be at least 18 years old

-Have a bank account in residing country (to receive cash payments)


How to join dooyoo:

-Go to dooyoo.com and select your country.

-Sign up with just a username, password and email.

-Verify your email.

Once in, and familiarize yourself with the sleek dooyoo user interface, you can fill up your personal details in account settings immediately or just leave it for later. The moment you feel comfortable with the platform you can begin earning immediately by writing or reading consumer product reviews. The reviews need to contain at least 150 words (dooyoo recommends 250-500 words for premium reviews). You can post shorter reviews too, but these will be likely booed by dooyoo community and are not eligible for monthly competitions.

The number of miles you can earn a per review depend on two factors: The level of the product you are reviewing and the quality of the review. Sometimes exceptionally good reviews are nominated and awarded crown by other reviewers, which means the review gets additional 1500 dooyooMiles.

Product levels and dooyoo miles payment structure:

-Level 1 products: 600 dooyooMiles per review/20 Miles per reading

-Level 2 products: 300 dooyooMiles per review/15 Miles per reading

-Level 3 products: 100 dooyooMiles per review/10 Miles per reading

-Reading reviews in dooyoo lounge: 10 dooyooMiles per reading

Tips for using dooyoo:

-Review only the products that you personally tried

-Be descriptive and try explain the usability of the product

-Including Pros and Cons is always a good idea

-Write reviews only for products in the Dooyoo catalogue

-Use interesting titles to stimulate click through rate

-Write reviews offline and post it on dooyoo when finished

-Engage in dooyoo community

-Read and rate other users reviews

Alternative websites similar to dooyoo:

-Ciao (owned by the same company as dooyoo)





-Get Paid

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