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Yes you can become secret agent and complete various small market research tasks with special iphone app. You can check prices in stores, take photos of products and pen reviews, complete surveys...

Last updated: May 09, 2014

Established in 2009 by experienced marketeers, Field Agent (FA) is a US-based customer marketing organization that provides market feedback to businesses via crowd-sourcing. Field Agent provides market data to hundreds of Fortune 500 companies and thousands of small businesses, via agents that have FA app on their smartphone.

If you are located in major metropolitan area you can make money, well not from home but close to home, by visiting local establishments and submitting input to FA clients via the app.

Joining is very easy. You just need to download the app from iTunes, create an account, fill your profile and search for agent jobs near your location.  

When you accept the field job, you must complete it within two hours, otherwise it will expire and the task will be made available to other agents in the area. So make sure that you are near the objective location. Once the job is completed the allocated amount is credited to your FA account within 48 hours and you can transfer your earned money to PayPay or Dwolla (US only) account.

According to Field Agent, jobs pay from three to twelve bucks each, however majority of jobs pay four to five bucks.

At the moment of writing this, the FA app is available only for IOS (iphone), although there are credible indications from Field Agent management that the app will be available for android devices in near future too.

There are various tasks to be completed such as: taking photos and videos, collecting data and opinions, perform surveys and providing feedback.

In general tasks can be classified in two major categories: fact-data audits and survey-insight research.

Field Agent is also grading its agents, so agents with higher score get priority when jobs are distributed. All agents start with 85 points out of maximum 100. Each time the task is completed successfully, agents receive points. If the job is not completed on time or it is not executed properly, then agents loose points. If  the agent doesn't like the picked task, it can be canceled shortly without loosing points. The user interface of Field Agent app is simple easy to get the hang on and it serves it’s purpose, but it can be simplified further to make it more productive.

So can you get rich with Field Agent? Probably not, but you can generate decent extra income to pay bill or two if used properly. And it is very fun thing to do, unless you are one of those shy persons that worry what other people will say when you do Field Agent tasks.

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