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HubPages can be a great platform to monetize from writing. Once the article is published, money can be earned from affiliate website marketing. Learn how to make money online writing & publishing quality content.

Last updated: October 10, 2014

Launched in 2006 by former Microsoft employees HubPages is a sharing revenue platform, with user generated content. It’s a place where users from around the world can create individual pages (Hubs), and earn money through affiliate and website marketing.

Users (Hubbers) can publish articles about any topic. There is simply no limit on variety of subjects you can find on HubPages, for example there are Hubs about: reviewing stuff, expert advice, recipes, lists, tutorials, lifestyle and health tips,  fiction, poems, etc.... However there is strict quality control and each article goes through rigorous approval process. Only original articles that have never been published elsewhere are accepted. HubPages article guidelines suggest articles to be at least 1150 words, have short (under 65 characters) titles, contain attributed high resolution pictures, videos and links to relevant sites.

The platform encourages users to publish as many useful articles as possible and sorting it in niche specific Hubs.

Once approved the Hubs are categorized under one of the 22 main topics:

-Arts and Design


-Books, Literature, and Writing

-Business and Employment

-Education and Science

-Entertainment and Media

-Family and Parenting

-Fashion and Beauty

-Food and Cooking

-Games, Toys, and Hobbies

-Gender and Relationships


-Holidays and Celebrations


-HubPages Tutorials and Community

-Personal Finance

-Pets and Animals

-Politics and Social Issues

-Religion and Philosophy

-Sports and Recreation


-Travel and Places

We recommend HubPages to those who are knowledgeable, passionate and enthusiastic in certain subject with affinity for writing.

HubPages can be great starting point in any online money making by writing endeavor, for the following reasons:

-It’s free and everyone can join

-Easy to use with simple user interface

-Great writing module

-Very active community

-Monetization system in place

-Users retain intellectual property of the content

-Excellent place to practice and improve writing skills

-Instant exposure to wider audiences.

-Good customer support

Once in, active users can choose monetization type in their profile settings by signing up with HubPages Monetization Partners which include premium names like: Google, Amazon and eBay.

The earnings are split between Hubbers (60%) and HubPages (40%), and you can get paid once you accumulate more than 50 bucks.

Important Note: Adding monetization to Hubs does not mean that the earnings will start to roll right away, in order to earn from affiliate's the Hub needs traffic and conversions. Which in retrospect means publishing as many informative, SEO friendly and quality Hubs as possible.

HubPages uses grading system scaling from 0 to 100, measuring and indicating the quality of Hubs and Hubbers:

-Hub Score: Is the individual article (Hub) score and its aggregated from Hubs: quality, length, human rating, traffic, number of comments and Hubber Score

-Hubber Score: Is the overall user (Hubber) score and its aggregated from Hubbers activity, frequency and quality of published posts (Hubs), thoughtful comments on other Hubs, helping other Hubbers, etc...

Hubbers who show potential with the platform can join HubPages Apprenticeship Program. A six month course where participants get paid fixed amount for each published Hub during the period.

So how to really make money online with HubPages?

-Choose articles wisely make sure you are knowledgeable and passionate about the topic.

-Research and make sure there is an audience for your article or simply puted “Find a need and Fill it”.

-Use descriptive and intriguing titles no longer than 65 characters.

-Use good text formatting, highlight the important stuff.

-Use related HQ pictures, and add videos where possible.

-Be active, helpful, thoughtful and engage with HubPages community.

-Promoting a Hub is like promoting a web page so we recommend reading our article about promoting an online business.

Although you cannot make money overnight, doing one article at the time is the way to go, if you accumulate enough quality articles over the time you will definitively get the benefits.

At the moment of writing this, HubPages contains more than 922 000 published Hubs from 84000+ Hubbers. There is entire section of HubPages dedicated to Questions and Answers, which contains 180 000+ questions and 743 000+ answers. With more than 2.6 million posts the HubPages Forums is very active place too.

Based on all these numbers and with the recent acquisition of one of their main competitors “Squido”, we can conclude that overall HubPages is one of the best and most popular “sharing revenue platforms” on the net.

Alternatives to HubPages/Squido are:



-Daily Two Cents





Popularity: 5/5

Reliability: 4/5

Security: 4/5

User Interface: 4/5

Support: 5/5

Our rating for this platform! Users rating for this platform!
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